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USB Button Applications

Our USB Buttons send a keystroke just like a USB keyboard would, so the applications that can use them are too numerous to list, but here are some of the most frequent uses we’ve seen.

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USB Button Applications

Sparkbooth is a software that turns your computer with webcam into a photobooth.  Many people use sparkbooth as the brains behind their DIY photo booths.  Sparkbooth uses a space as the keystroke to start the photo sequence.

Breeze Systems makes software that remotely controls different DSLR cameras.  Many professional photographers use this to set up a second camera at an event as a photo booth, or use it to build a traditional photo booth.  Most Breeze software uses an F4 keystroke to start the photo sequence.

AllJ Software makes custom slot machine software that runs on your computer and can be customized with your logos and images.  Many people use this software for trade show booths and promotional giveaways.  All of our buttons will work with AllJ, but we also make a controller board designed specifically for building a slot machine with this software.  More info can be found here.

Figure53 makes QLab and QCart software for controlling playback of audio and video for live events.  All of our buttons can work with this software.  We also make a specific QLab controller which is currently in use by several professional audio engineers around the world.

Other uses:  Many customers come up with their own use for our buttons.  One customer asked us to make a button that sent the keystroke that takes a screenshot of his desktop in Windows 8, so he could quickly take a screenshot while he worked.  Our buttons can also be made to send entire blocks of text.  Some customers use them for music sequencing and DJ software.  We’ve even tested our buttons on ETC Ion lighting consoles, and they have performed successfully.  These buttons really can do anything.  Contact us to make a custom button for your needs.

Custom USB Buttons and Large Orders

Do you need a custom USB button for a specific purpose or in a specific configuration?

Do you need 5 buttons in one case?  One box with 3 buttons that each send to a different computer?  600 arcade buttons for your trade show booth?

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We can create the custom USB button you’re looking for.  Contact with a description of what you need your button to look like and do, and we’ll work with you to build the button you’re looking for.  From single orders to thousands of units, we can get you the perfect solution for your application.

Examples of Our Work

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