Qlab USB Go Button – Redundant Control Solution

Finally a simple solution to a redundant backup for Qlab!

Using this QLab USB go button, and two MacBook Pros, you can hit go on both computers at the same time with one button, leaving your other hand free to mix!

Plug one 6' USB cable into each computer, and you're controlling them both.

The big red button is the go button. It is satisfying to press and the microswitch's reliability has been tested to 10,000,000 cycles by the switch manufacturer. There is a 1 second double-go protection built into the code in the controller. It also requires a "Key Up" event before firing a second GO, which means even if you hold the button down for ten minutes, you still only get one GO until the button is released.

The other buttons are Stop (escape), Load, Up and Down. There are hand painted symbols next to the buttons to help you remember what they do.

The best thing about this system is that if you use MacBook Pros, you'll still have access to the keyboards on each computer. This way, even if the switch goes bad (which isn't very likely), you have another way to fire cues. I have been using this setup for over three years with a dance company I work for. It surely isn't for extremely complicated shows, but there are plenty of other remotes for that. This is a simple solution that provides great results without a lot of complication. Several professional dance companies are using this system now, as well as a few theatrical venues.

Feel free to contact me with any questions. This switch is primarily made for use with the left hand. It can also be used with the right hand if you remember that the up and down buttons will be reversed.

Please note that these painted cases may have small blemishes either from the manufacturer or from my drilling process. I get them for close to the cost of an unpainted case, and you get to have a remote that looks a lot better than an unpainted one. Everybody wins.

The case measures 4.5"x 3.6"x 2".