Started as a hobby in 2011, USBButtons.com is now one of the premiere USB button manufacturers on the internet.  All our buttons are assembled by hand and programmed individually in Buffalo, NY.  In addition to online retail, we also work with several companies to provide specialized buttons for use in industrial, security, and emergency systems.

Environmental Impact:  Our house is powered by solar panels, which means all the electricity used to assemble our products comes from sustainable solar power.  In addition, we make an effort to reuse as much packing material and boxes as we can.  Those that we can't reuse in shipping are reused in organizing our supplies and stock, or recycled.

Dave Rogge is an audio engineer, video editor, thinker, maker, tinkerer, auto mechanic, homebrewer, and fan of old things.  When he isn't making buttons or touring with an audio visual company, he is fixing up his house in Buffalo, NY with his wife, Julie, their cat, Chloe, and their rabbit, Ace Merrill.  Julie is a milliner, painter, crafter, and general maker of awesome things.  Please check out her website at savagemillinery.com.

Dedicated to our first bunny friend, Jack Bauer, who died in November 2015.